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Unknown Facts About An American Crime


Category : Movie

There are many facts that were left out of the film. This slide show explains some of the many events that happened to sixteen year old Sylvia Likens, before and after she died. CORRECTION IN VIDEO! The Baniszewski house has been torn down and is no longer there today. STORY: Sylvia and her little sister Jennie were left in the care of Gertrude Baniszewski, while their parents were on tour with the carnival. During the girls stay, Sylvia encounters multiple beatings, brandings, and mental abuse from the Baniszewski family and kids from the neighborhood. On October, 26, 1965 Sylvia died just one week before her parents return home. Since then laws have been changed, books have been written, films have been made, and awareness for child abuse has drastically increased.

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WHAT, WHO THE FUCK SATAN JUDGE GOT DRUNK AND DECIDED TO DO THAT???? there is no justice in the world.

is the girl next door based off of this

yeah thats true the reallity is beyond the fiction. Thanks for asking me.

@TashaRichardsonFan :)
me to, i couldent stop crying for a second.

i hope none of this happens agen!
when i saw the movie i cryed throw to hole thing :(
i hope Gertrude goes to hell , no one diserves to be torchered

Someone gave me the tlink to the trial transcripts. IIf anyone wants them, send me a private message.

Let’s not forget that none of the neighbors tried to help even though some of them saw Sylvia being tortured and heard her screaming. They are also responsible for allowing Sylvia to die. I wish I could say they were tormented by guilt for the rest of their lives but I doubt they even had a conscience.

sadddest crime could anyone b that evil?????????? gertrude go 2 hell. Sylvia get the bestest treatment ever in Heaven.

Exactly!!! They knew damn well the PAIN Sylvia was going through! John Baniszewski Jr the youngest boy later resurfaced in a 1998 interview and even HE admitted their punishment wasnt just for what they did to Sylvia.

I know. It makes me sick, too. And it makes me even sicker that this evil, wretched bitch actually got out of prison after twenty years. How could they have let her out? Spending the rest of her life in prison is the very least of what she deserved!

the fact that this really happen makes me sick. how can someone do this? those kids knew what they were doing.

Paula was NEVER sympathetic to Sylvia. According to trial transcripts Sylvia died of a massive thump to her head, and resulting in brain swelling, by Gertrude using a heavy book. She was also pushed to the floor so hard that Sylvia hit her head on the wall. TEN minutes before those, Paula had rushed to the basement and urinated in a cup and then took up to the kitchen to Sylvia and made her drink it. This family were not evil… they were totally INSANE !

Watch this very short video about? Sylvia’s injuries:

I watch the movie last night and i cried very hard, i was bawling my eyes out:(

I think the director altered parts and left out some events for a reasonable purpose. I think he wanted to get across that the things done to Sylvia were terrible and often graphic. But I think he thought some of the things were almost too graphic to put on screen. I thought the movie did a great job at getting the point across.

I read on crime library that at one point Sylvia was forced to eat a hot dog that had everything on it (everything within the Wrights fridge, olives, mayo, relish, everything that would not taste good together.) When she couldn’t keep it down, she was forced to eat what she puked up. At some points she was also forced to consume feces. Absolutely horrifying.

i’ve watched this movie n u know what..i cried~~~ huhu..a very sad story indeed , u guys should watch it!

(only a few copies left for emailing, LOL)
Anyone who wants the trial transcripts just private message me from my channel (I will then assess your suitability to read heavy stuff like the details of her death by Dr. Ellis the pathologist in charge — in other words it’s only for grown up, mature individuals and for people with perfect English)

The true unkown facts about the case are all in detail in the trial transcripts, something that both film makers and book writers on the case used as basis for their work.
If you want the trial transcripts read my next ‘comment’ below

Just a few minor clarifications: Sylvia and Jenny first met up with Darlene MacGuire while wandering around the neighborhood after their mother was arrested. They later met up with Paula, who brought them to the Baniszewski house. Mr. and Mrs. Likens visited their daughters around 8-10 times while they were there from July 4 to October 5, which was the last time, and just before the extreme abuse started. It has never been proven that Sylvia told anyone Paula and Stephanie were prostitutes.

It’s more likely Paula made that up to enrage Gertrude even more, and for an excuse to abuse Sylvia even more severely. Stephanie slapped Sylvia after the first coke bottle incident because she stumbled upon the scene in the middle and had no idea Gertrude forced her to do it. Ricky Hobbs and Shirley Baniszewski branded a “3″ onto Sylvia’s chest with a hot eyebolt, intending to put an “S” there, but they botched it. In the movie, Sylvia’s body was lying in the livingroom, not the kitchen.

Other than that, very good video. BTW, the movie also never mentioned the fact that one of the neighbors actually witnessed Sylvia being abused by Paula. Most unbelievable of all is how the movie portrayed Paula as being sympathetic toward Sylvia near the end. If anything, Paula became even more sadistic and cruel towards Sylvia as time went on.

10 **********

Think of the ironic twists of fate in this case. Both Sylvia and Jenny were with their mother in a store. Mrs. Likens swiped a pair of pants She got busted and hauled off in the paddy wagon. The girls went for a walk and met up with Paula Baniszewski who invited them over. If Betty Likens hadn’t committed that act of petty larceny, the girls would have went home with her afterward and never met Paula Baniszewski. Pretty Sad.

@cincinnati kate there is a movie here on you tube called an american crime that tells the story of sylvia likens. Sad story

Fucking gertrude burn in hell, that goes your children too. I hope you get locked in a basement in hell with your children, WHO’S IN THA BASEMANT NOW BITCH!??

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