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An American Crime


Category : Movie

Trailer for new movie starring Ellen Page and Catherine Keener

Tommy O Haver

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this is a terrifying movie!!!!!

my god, that lady was insane!
I just can’t believe that this was all real!
Poor Sylvia.

Weren’t their parents checking up on them. If I were the parents I would demand to talk to my child everyday over the phone. I think this is the parents fault for one not investigating who their leaving their children with and two for not keeping tabs on their two girls.

why in the girl next door ‘s movie are little like 4 boys, and just 2 girls (silvia and her sis) in this are some girls.

this had a very good story line but it was so sad i cried over half of it it was good but made me cry i loved it but had a hate for it at the same time

I just found out about this horror yesterday .
I cannot stop researching the story . I am mortified by this crime and the lack of punishment for it ! There is ONE victim that is Sylvia and may the guilt forever lie with anyone involved as well as anyone who knew,should have known,or could have known but did not get involved. Stop believing a man sacrificed himself for every sin those were nothing close to the things so many freaks think they can ever ever be forgiven for now !

i feel that gertrude should not have got out of prison, without parole and also all those kids they should all still be in max prison

they should all go to jail and every1 is sick so sick they will all go to you know where! here are the things they did(kicked,burned,branded,punched,whipped,put a bottle up…..) and that was true all because of dumb paula! poor little girl didnt get to see her mother and jenny was just as bad she should go to jail for seeing crime and not telling anyone. oh and dumb neighbors hearing her scream saying”i thinks its best to leave them alone!”

@saibot000 : actually the girl next door and this story were both based on a the true story of a real young girl named Sylvia Likens. yeah, the woman as immensely sick.

really sad movie man that mom is really fucked up

i love this movie .. it’s horrible .. but i love it.

this is almost like the girl next door,
that movie was intense and emotional,
people are sick fuckers, and it’s sickening to think children are going through this as we speak,
it disgusts me!

@v12girl I Agreed

the baniszewskis shouldn’t even be conciderd humans!!!!

Well it goes to show you that our world is fucked up. If you dont want to watch movies with too much suffer stick to fictional movies and fairytales. I dont like watching people suffer either but it shows you the truth about our world and that we shouldnt be naive because they are horriable people like that. Just because a movie depicts the truth doesnt make it a horriable movie. The crime was horriable the way they treated the girl was horriable. The movie itself was just telling the truth.

What That Woman Did To Her Was Sick!

I saw this movie today. It’s a very interesting and I agree with @GothicTrioOfEdwards shit like SAW … THAT sucks!!!! Its a really intense movie really good.

@GothicTrioOfEdwards Ok. After looking at the trailer, I KNOW this movie won’t be any worse then The Girl Next Door. The actors in TGND just look like they were off a Stephen King film, like they’re evil in real life too

@GothicTrioOfEdwards It’s true but I never thought about it that way. This story is based on a true story and surely it brings nothing but bad memories and suffering to those who can relate or have gone through this. Movies like SAW are based off entertainment. I haven’t seen this movie but it can’t be any worse then the girl next door. I’m glad that old lady died, hope it would’ve happened sooner.

Based on stuff that are seen every day and on tv.

based on what do you say this? i have always been curious to understand why people kill… i feel white people kill out for fun, and at least my country, i think people kill people in drug related murders.

and the sad thing about it is that its actually based in real facts. The producer (or writer not sure) decided not to tell the whole story because people would think that they were exaggerating the whole thing.
It makes me more angry than sad, to think that no one did something for her, eventho some people knew something awkward was going on inside that house

That’s what makes it so interesting. There aren’t movies like this in the theaters, but they’ll put up some sick shit like SAW. I don’t get it.

well thats usa for ya

Horrible movie , I hate it. It should have never been made. Nobody should like to watch this kind of movies. too much suffering.

Loved the film. Does anybody know where they shot the scenes of the exterior of the house?

[...] American Crime Based on a true story that shocked the nation in 1965, An American Crime recounts one of the most shocking crimes ever committed against a single victim. Sylvia and Jennie [...]

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I Watched that movie and i felt really bad for her because she didnt do any thing wrong to deserve it and i kinda went through the same thing but not as bad.

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